How ImageShield Works

How ImageShield Protects Your Photos

Create your account and upload photos

When you open your account, you will find a simple, easily understood process for uploading your photos and organizing them into folders.

Photos hosted on are essentially invisible to the Internet

As you upload each image, ImageShield will begin securing your image, removing all meta data (date, location, file type, etc.) and preparing the image to be securely displayed to those with approved, authenticated access. Photos hosted on are essentially invisible to the Internet. This means that robots and spiders deployed by search engines and other entities to find, identify and index content cannot see or find your photos.

Take Control of Who Can View Your Photos and When They Can View Them

While there is a significant amount of security implemented on the ImageShield backend, the most visible benefits of ImageShield are the protection and control of your images when they are shared and displayed online.

If you have your photos on ImageShield, you have complete control over who has access to your personal and private images. Locking an album provides another layer of security by requiring a password that is system generated and provided along with the unique, system generated album link.

ImageShield secure album links only work during the specific time frame that you set. It can be one hour, one day, one month or forever. You control all access.

Now you can confidently share your personal images in a safe manner

If you have photos you want to share with friends, family or even a group of friends, you can create a link that is 'unlocked' and does not require a password to view.

Photos in all ImageShield albums, whether the album is locked or unlocked, have full ImageShield protection.

  • When someone accesses an album link, whether it is locked or unlocked, and clicks to view a specific image, the image is dynamically displayed only when the viewer holds the pointer over the image.
  • In addition, the viewer is restricted from copying, downloading or saving the image.
  • The viewer's IP address is also identified and the viewer is warned not to attempt to copy the image.

Stop Giving Away Control of Your Personal and Private Photos

You should not have to give a person your photo just so they can see it. At we want to empower you to share images for viewing only. The people you choose can see your photo, but they cannot have your photo.