Why ImageShield?

The Hidden Danger of Online Dating That No One is Talking About.

Who Has Your Online Dating Photos?

We are Contagious Behavior and we just launched ImageShield.net. We are a very small team of digital strategists and developers with extensive experience in the creation and launch of online communities and websites for large enterprises and brands.

In 2015, we were in the process of developing an online dating site and we were very surprised when we ran across a company selling "real" dating profiles. So, we decided to take a look.

25,000 real dating profiles can be purchased for $27.00

We bought 25,000 dating profiles for $27.00. These profiles were real; real photos, real email addresses and real descriptions of the people. They even had city and state info.

Based on what we found, if you have used an online dating site in the past 5 years or more, your photos and profile may be for sale right now. That is not speculation, it is a real possibility.

Your photos are private and personal. They can be used to identify you, to reveal your habits and vices, to harass you, to incriminate you and, in some cases, even identify your location.

Personal and private photos uploaded and shared are not protected.

The second shocking discovery was the fact that online dating sites…large, small…general or niche market…have not implemented even the most basic photo protection on their sites.

Watch the video at the top of the page and you will see just how easy it is to steal someone’s photo.

It is the same story on most social websites, even the largest social media website does not protect your photos in any way.

It is at that point that we decided to develop and launch ImageShield.net. ImageShield is the safe photo sharing solution to this significant and potentially dangerous problem.

Now you can confidently share your personal images in a safe manner.

ImageShield.net allows you confidently share your personal and private images in a safe manner, knowing that the viewer of those images cannot copy, steal or share your photos.

We launched ImageShield.net with multiple layers of protection for you and your photos, much more protection than any other photo hosting, dating or social site.

But this is just the beginning. This is the foundation of ImageShield image security. On this foundation, we will continue to improve and enhance.

Take a look at the ImageShield.net RoadMap to see some of the exciting enhancements we have planned.

Thanks for your interest in ImageShield. The protection of your personal and private photos is important and we can help.